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12 May

4 Ways Digital Images Can Be Used In The Classroom

Children today are being exposed to too many images. They watch TV, play video games, use a computer, etc. Sometimes, overexposure of images can have negative consequences.  But the images can be used positively in the classroom to enhance their knowledge.

Writing photo essays

Asking students to write photo essays is a great way to tell whether the student understands the study material. You can assign it as an individual work or group project. The photos they will select will be a reflection of their thought patterns.

Visual storytelling

You can ask students to tell a story using pictures only. This is a great way of stimulating the student’s imagination. It shows the student’s ability to pay attention to detail. Teachers can also take out a visual story and ask the students to describe what’s happening in the story looking at the body language of the characters.

Learning vocabulary

The more words a student will learn, the better they will be able to express themselves. The easiest way to learn a new word is by seeing a picture. It is easy to remember a picture than words.


This type of assignment not only enhances a student’s ability to describe an image but also keeps them informed about the current events happening around the world. The students will develop research ability as well.

There are many online resources available from which students can collect digital images. These images can be a great learning tool and it must be used effectively in the classroom.